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Instant ECG – Available on iTunes

Our second application, Instant ECG: An Electrocardiogram Interpretation Guide, has been approved by Apple and has been posted on the iTunes App Store today!

Instant ECG is our electrocardiogram interpretation guide designed to help paramedics, nurses and clinicians more familiar with the most common rhythm abnormalities. To learn more about our Instant ECG: An Electrocardiogram Interpretation Guide please visit http://www.InstantECG.org.


3 Comments to “Instant ECG – Available on iTunes”

  1. Awesome applications!!!! How about versions for the Motorola Droid???

    Ron Johnson, May 6th, 2010
  2. I want to delete this app from my Apple Watch, 4
    Please send steps to delete

    Fred Sharp, Nov 10th, 2018
  3. Hey Fred, Check your email. You should have a response from us there.


    Dr.Truxillo, Dec 17th, 2018


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