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ASA National Convention iPhone Apps

The American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) National Convention kicks off tomorrow in San Diego. This year a major point of discussion will include mobile apps.

iAnesthesia LLC has been at the fore front of development of iPhone apps specific to anesthesiology. This year we have also started build apps for the Android marketplace. Some of the apps in our portfolio include:

        Pedi Safe – An emergent dosing reference for pediatric patients.
        Drug Infusion – An IV infusion calculator
        ECHO – An Echocardiogram Reference
        STAT Intubation – A difficult airway equipment guide and dosing calculator
        Instant ECG – A electrocardiogram review guide
        Precedex – An app developed for Hospira Pharmaceuticals about dexmedetomidine

iAnesthesia LLC will help develop third party iPhone and Android apps. If you are interested in contacting us for a project bid or app consultation, please send us an email.


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